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Sering Sawmill Machinery is proud to manufacture Blue Babe Products.

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blue babe deck saw

Deck Saw

The Original Pond and Deck Saw

  • 7 ½ to 40 H.P. Electric Motor
  • 3 Ft. to 12 Ft. Saw Bar
  • Heavy Duty Mandrel Assembly
  • Heavy Duty Chain Take-up
  •  Hydraulic or Manual Lift
  • Fixed or Retractable
  • Also used as log splitter
Economical Deck Saw Blue Babe

Economical Deck Saw

  • Heavy duty fabricated steel construction and gusseted throughout.
  • 10-HP High efficiency Toshiba T.E.F.C. electric drive motor, 460 volt or 220 volts 3 phase
  • Self contained saw chain lube system
  • 3′-7′ double end fully reversible saw bar with standard .404 or .750 pitch chain
  • Cast aluminum chain take-up with steel T-key for bar slot
  • Activate bar manually or with hydraulic cylinder option

Yard Saw

  • Fabricated steel frame
  • 10-HP electric drive motor, 3 phase, 440 volts or 3 phase, 220 volts
  • Frame furnished with three package alignment bumpers for short end trims
    and operator guards
  • 16” semi-pneumatic tires, no air required
  • Automatic oiler
  • 7′ double end reversible saw bar with standard .404 pitch chain
  • Cast aluminum take-up with steel T key for bar slot
  • Operator’s aluminum guide bar that follows the bar all the way through the
    cut for accuracy
  • UL approved and wired for NEMA standards